Statement on Grenfell Tower from the Building Control Alliance (BCA) representing The Building Control sector and DCLG observers

Local Authority Building Control, private sector Approved Inspectors, Chartered Institute of Building, Chartered Association of Building Engineers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

All those working in building control have been deeply shocked by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower and the terrible unexpected extent of the fire raises fundamental questions for all professionals. Our hearts go out to the residents, the bereaved and everyone else involved in the event and aftermath. 

Initially, our focus has been on industry-wide cooperation to identify other buildings that could be at risk and need investigation. This has been happening rapidly and with information being gathered and shared from many different sources.

Information and guidance are also being shared on rain shield external wall treatments using aluminium composite material (ACM) panels. Urgent discussions are being held and individual local authorities, housing associations, property owners, building control bodies and other professional advisors are making physical inspections of high-rise buildings that are thought to be high risk and helping decide on the best way forward for building owners and residents.

As inquiries and findings are released, local authority building control and approved inspectors will take a very active part in any review of the building regulations, processes and practices that are considered by DCLG and/or the Welsh Government.


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What is Building Control?

Building Control is a critical process where construction is checked by highly skilled building surveyors to ensure buildings are safe, accessible, secure and thermally efficient by meeting government set Building Regulations.

What is an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors are private sector companies and individuals that check your plans and carry-out site inspections to check compliance with the Building Regulations. Approved Inspectors can be used instead of the local authority.

Why should I use an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors are commercially aware and highly skilled surveyors that provide a proactive and customer focused building control service for all types of project across England and Wales.

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